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Our Daycare supports the healthy development of children from two weeks to five years.

Mickey Academy owners are available to the children, families and faculty every day.  Mickey Academy also has the benefit of a Director who is responsible for the curriculum and programming. This dual management system gives the Director the freedom to observe classrooms, mentor faculty and develop a healthy learning environment for each child.

School owners, directors and teachers seek input regarding the needs of each child, feedback concerning activities and innovative suggestions or observations from the families in their schools. Mickey Academy supports an Open Door Policy and families are welcome to visit at anytime.  When you pick up your child, you will receive a Daily Activity Report.  Your child’s teacher will note how long she/he napped, what portion of the lunch she/he ate and how well the child is doing with her potty-training.  Child’s teacher will also describe all of the fun activities that your daughter or son and their friends participated in, and there will always be a little note from a teacher to parents regarding a special moment of their child’s day.

All of our teachers have one thing in common - a love of working with children and a passion for teaching.  They are also CPR & First Aid trained.

Our before & after school program has been developed to meet the needs of school age children and their parents. Age-appropriate activities such as arts and crafts, cooking, music, outdoor play, group projects, and time to do homework are offered
We’re open 5 days from 7am to 7pm and close just on major holidays. We are very conveniently located next to the Clifton Elementary School 9 and easily accessible by all major routes.
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