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  “Mickey Academy Daycare” is a haven where your children will develop holistically as a result of a conscientious, caring staff that serves their needs and provides them with a clean, healthy environment every day. Our mission is to make each child and parent smile with satisfaction, making the transition from home environment to daycare facility as smooth as possible for children and parents.  
  Our daycare accepts children from the ages of two weeks to five years of age. Their tender ages are matched with tender care from our qualified staff members and dynamic director, all of whom love to work with children. Our center is constantly growing its clients. This is due to an attitude in which we embrace and enhance our daycare services by taking feedback from parents and teachers seriously. Whether through verbal discussions or written feedback, we take to heart what anyone who walks through our doors thinks. As such, we have an open-door policy so that parents can visit their children anytime and observe our services.
We also create a daily activity report so that the child’s behaviors and tendencies as well as specific services can be read by parents at the end of the day. In this report, we also include fun activities such as games played with friends with whom your child interacted, and even a customized note from the teacher describing your child’s best moment of the day. We believe that the more carefully we watch your children grow, the stronger our team becomes between parent, child, and teacher; this allows for the best child development.
  “As a full time working mother, I needed to find a daycare where my son could bond with his caretakers, would receive both fun and structure,and would be appreciated  
  “After constant searching, telephone calls, and Internet research for violations, I knew the moment I met a Mickey Academy Person  
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